User Experience Day

User Experience Day is a dedicated track of programming specifically geared for UX professionals. The event takes place for one day each year at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society International Annual week-long meeting. The objective of UX day is to deliver a great program of technical sessions and networking opportunities for all attendees. This is a great chance to share insights and make personal connections with a wide variety of UX professionals from around the world!


User Experience Day is attended by User Researchers‚ Interaction Designers‚ User Interface Developers‚ and anyone who is interested in User Experience subjects. Events include lectures on state-of-the-art studies and UX topics given by some of the best User Experience professionals in the country‚ a fun and engaging happy hour‚ a best-paper competition‚ an emerging-leaders workshop‚ and much more!

Learn more about the sessions below here in the detailed schedule viewer.

Session ID       Session Time        Room             Session Title

sess155            08:00-09:00          A707                S2 - Safety for Process Control and Healthcare

sess169            08:00-09:00          A706                CS1 - Computer Systems

sess174            08:00-09:00          A708                SD2 - System Development

sess172            08:00-09:00          L402/L403      PP1 - Human Behavior and Performance in Transportation Contexts

sess173            08:00-09:00          A705                T3 - AR, VR or Hands-on?

sess208            08:00-09:00          A703/A704     HC7 - Advancing Patient Care Excellence through Human Factors Engineering

sess170            08:00-09:00          A601                ME2 - Macroergnomics

sess129            08:00-09:00          A602                GS4 - So, You Want to be a Manager? How to Know When and if to Make the Move

sess224            08:30-17:00          Atrium C         Career Fair

sess228            09:30-10:30          Atrium B         Industry 5.0 and the Future of Robotics

sess213            11:00-12:30          L405/L406      SS3 - Chair's Forum

sess177            11:00-12:30          A602                U1 - Usability Testing Tools & Techniques

sess125            11:00-12:30          L402/L403       OE5 - Decedent Handling: Understanding Challenges & Exploring Opportunities for Erg. Research

sess128            11:00-12:30          A708                ME3 - Reaching People Where They Are: Remote Macroergonomics Research

sess124            11:00-12:30          A706                HPM2 - "Dummies, Learning Modeling Made Easy": Improving Modeling Education in HF Research

sess179            11:00-12:30          A705                SF3 - Measuring and Designing for Accessibility, Resiliency and Teamwork

sess198            11:00-12:30          A703/A704     HC8 - Measurement of Fatigue, Burnout, and Presenteeism in Healthcare

sess178            11:00-12:30          A707                PD1 - Design Considerations for Inclusivity, VR, Footwear, Urban Mobility, and Face Masks

sess130            11:00-12:30          A601                CYB2 - Privacy and Security of Telehealth Systems

sess234            12:30-13:30          L503                 JCEDM Editorial Board Meeting

sess187            13:30-15:00          L402/L403       ST7 - Vigilance and Driving

sess176            13:30-15:00          A706                HART/HPM 6 - Modelling Human or AI Interactions in HARTs for Predictions and Training

sess136            13:30-15:00          A705                OE6 - Solving Workload Problems among Commercial Cleaning Workers

sess199            13:30-15:00          A707                PD2 - Annual Invited Guest Speaker: TS Balaji, Cox Communications

sess138            13:30-15:00          L405/L406       GS5 - Bring Your Whole Self to Work: Conversations with Affinity Group Leaders

sess166            13:30-15:00          A708                S3 - Safety Applications in Human Factors

sess180            13:30-15:00          A601                VE1 - VR for Training

sess135            13:30-15:00          A602                U2 - Maximizing Research Impact: Panel on Method Selection for Non-Research Stakeholders

sess194            13:30-15:00          A703/A704     HC9 - Telehealth and mHealth

sess186            15:30-17:00          A602                U3 - Real-World Usability Testing

sess185            15:30-17:00          A601                VE2 - Navigating the Virtual Landscape

sess137            15:30-17:00          A707                PD3 - Panel with practitioners from Amazon, WillowTree, Hillrom, Google, and more

sess133            15:30-17:00          A703/A704     HC10 - Patient Safety Learning Labs: Effective Collaborations for Enhanced Patient Safety

sess164            15:30-17:00          A706                HPM3 - Modeling Driver/Human-Automation Interactions and Teaming

sess188            15:30-17:00          A705                OE7 - Ergonomics in the Field

sess197            15:30-17:00          L405/L406       SF4 - Improving Skill Acquisition, Retention and Training Efficacy

sess132            15:30-17:00          A708                SD3 - Human Factors in the Systems Engineering Jungle

sess181            15:30-17:00          L402/L403        PP2 - Visualizations and Performance