Technical Tour

Emory University School of Medicine

High-Fidelity Simulation Space for Clinical Care

October 11, 2022


Mannequin-based simulation uses high-fidelity simulators. These simulators are mannequins that physiologically respond to treatment similar to what would occur in real-life patients. The simulated patient can be assessed by a learner who can initiate treatment with a resultant response, and perform a variety of procedures. This is done in a controlled learning environment that mimics the real-life patient care setting but is safe for the patient and learner. The Emory University School of Medicine has several types of simulation experiences: high fidelity, full-sized mannequins, task trainers, actors that portray patients (standardized patients), and virtual reality for surgical procedures.

To Register:

Registrants should refer to their confirmation email for the “Modifying Your Registration” link and instructions.  If you cannot locate your meeting registration confirmation email, please contact us to request for it to be resent.  New annual meeting registrants may simply add a tour during the registration process.

Each of the simulation rooms are flexible spaces that can be manipulated to incorporate a multitude of scenarios.  The simulators can create real-life teaching environments that range from outpatient examination rooms to inpatient rooms in areas such as the emergency department, intensive care unit, labor and delivery suite, and an operating theatre. Standardized actors can be incorporated to increase the realism of these environments.

All the simulations can be observed in real time through the control room or reviewed using a web-based broadcast which can be live or delayed. Evaluation software is available for the assessment of student performance. Two large clinical skills spaces can be used for a variety of training programs and as lecture spaces. The center has two multimedia classrooms for debriefing sessions. In addition, we have additional space for Harvey, a high-fidelity heart sound simulator.

Fee:  $40.00

Date and Times:
Tuesday, October 11.   Two tours are available.   Both are capped at ten registrants. 

  • 1:00 PM

  • 3:00 PM


Each tour is approximately 45 minutes exclusive of roundtrip transportation.


There are no requirements for any particular attire/footwear.  We recommend business casual.


Amount of Walking: 
Not much distance is covered.  Attendees will through the building to get to the simulation space and walk through the simulation space (approximately five rooms, adjacent to each other).


Accommodations for Disabled Attendees:

The Building is equipped with wheelchair access ramps and elevators. 

Other Information:

Masking is optional. Paid parking, for those who wish to drive and park, is located at 1701 Lowergate Drive NE, Atlanta, GA

Building Location:
100 Woodruff Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322 (5.5 miles to Marriott Marquis Hotel.  Appr
oximately a 20-minute drive.