Speaker and Poster Author FAQs

Q: Is there a PowerPoint template?

A: The PowerPoint template is available to download here.

Q: Am I required to use the PowerPoint template?

A: No, but please use the template as a guide to make sure you include all required information

Q: What are the logistical requirements for my Poster?

A: Please refer to this link (Poster Logistics)

Q: Are there more guidelines for preparing and arranging posters?

A: Yes.  Please review this document.

Q: Are you accepting late-breaking submissions?

A. The submission period for late-breaking papers closed on July 29, 2022.

Q: How should I format my abstract proposal? What are the length requirements?

A: Please refer to the proposal guidelines

Q: Am I required to submit proceedings?

A: No, but we strongly encourage it.

Q: Will late-breaking submissions be included in the proceedings?

A: No, late-breaking submission authors should not submit a paper or abstract as these submissions are not able to be printed in the proceedings.

Q: How long does my proceedings paper need to be?

A: Submissions may not exceed five formatted pages, see the Proceedings Paper Guidelines for more guidance

Q: Can I submit an extended abstract instead of a proceedings paper?

A: Yes; an extended abstract must be at least 500 words. You’ll use the same proposal template but remove the top paragraph that's marked as "abstract", and just use the two-column format for the whole thing.