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Consumer Reports


Founded in 1936, CR has a mission to create a fair and just marketplace for all. Widely known for our rigorous research and testing of products and services, we also survey millions of consumers each year, report extensively on marketplace issues, and advocate for consumer rights and protections around safety, digital rights, financial fairness, and sustainability. CR is independent and nonprofit.

Research Collective

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Research Collective is dedicated to providing a rigorous, human-centered approach to product design. What sets us apart? Our team of human factors and user experience specialists are passionate about making things better. We take pride in being rooted in traditional human psychology and behavioral science. While our research efforts can be applied to all types of products, we are particularly interested in making medical devices and automobiles safer, efficient and more satisfying to use. 



UserWorks, Inc. is a user experience design and usability engineering firm based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Our staff has experience with a variety of products including websites, app­lications, medical devices, computer hardware, mobile devices, legal doc­uments, and more. We can help your company improve a product at any stage in the development lifecycle.

Our team will conduct research to help you understand your users. We'll show you how to integrate user experience principles into your business or development processes. We can even train your team on the basics of usability and accessibility to help you maintain the UX of your products into the future.

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Newell Brands

Newell Brands’ beloved, planet friendly brands enhance and brighten consumers lives at home and outside by creating moments of joy, building confidence and providing peace of mind.

Usability Associates


Usability Associates is a Human Factors consulting firm specializing in requirements definition, design, testing and installation for product development. The firm was founded in 1998 by Stanley Caplan. Stan envisioned a personalized usability design service for companies without Human Factors resources, as well as for companies needing extra human factors resources when the need arises. Moreover, Usability Associates also has the mission to bring awareness of human factors and usability to companies that were partially in the know of the discipline, but needed a complete picture of how total user experience design could help improve their business.

In the 20+ years that Usability Associates has existed, Usability Associates has served over 20 clients, small and large companies, in a myriad of ways. Many clients have engaged the firm multiple times.  Design projects have been varied and have involved the range of research and design methods, including user interface specification writing, heuristic evaluations, usability testing, user experience visualizations, usage surveys, literature research, and more. Usability Associates has also performed non-design services for clients such as organizational benchmarking, recruiting Human Factors professionals, recruiting external usability testing participants, and distributing payments to external participants in company studies.


Design Science

Design Science has been providing human factors support (including ethnographic research) for medical product development since its founding in 1991. We have worked on a wide variety of devices and systems, including surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, implantable devices, imaging systems, pharmaceutical packaging, many different types of drug-delivery systems (e.g., pumps, combination products, etc.), and various forms of software for both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. 



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Human Factors in Context

Human Factors in Context provides contextual inquiry, physical & digital interaction design, usability testing and human factors consultation from up-front research through commercialization for a wide variety of products. Although the company formally consists of the principal consultant, Keith Karn, and a few well-placed mirrors, he often taps his trusted team of collaborators for larger projects or those requiring industrial design, mechanical & electrical engineering & software development.

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End to End Research

End to End User Research will help you create a better user experience. We are a full service agency providing recruiting, usability testing, ethnographic research and more. We have state of the art facilities for rent, usability labs, focus group rooms and contextual spaces. Together we will uncover deep insights about your customer needs; then we will help you innovate and refine ideas throughout the product design process. At End to End, our business is research, because research matters.