Career Center

The HFES Career Center at the 66th International Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA will provide a forum for employers to find talent and for job seekers to discover potential roles for the next phase in their careers. The on-site Career Center can help facilitate connections and provides helpful career-related information and resources to both employers and job seekers.  

At each HFES Annual Meeting, the On-Site Career Center provides an outstanding opportunity for employers and job seekers to either meet informally and/or in prearranged interviews. The Career Center offers access to a large network of highly qualified HF/E professionals. More than 40% of HFES members hold a doctorate, 33% hold a master's degree, and about 15% hold a bachelor's degree.


Whether you are an organization looking to hire or you are on the job market looking for your next opportunity, we hope the Career Center can help you in your search. 

Participating Companies:

  • The Boeing Company - 405 & 406; Table H

  • Bold Insight - 401

  • Exponent - 402

  • John Deere - 403

  • Lextant - 404

  • NAVAIR - Table B

  • Pacific Science & Engineering Group - 400

  • US Navy Aerospace Experimental Psychologists - Table A

Career Center Hours:

  • Tuesday, October 11: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

  • Wednesday, October 12: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Thursday, October 13: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Friday, October 14: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Floor Plan

Floor Plan.png









For Employers:
The On-Site Career Center is available to any organization seeking talent and all employers are invited to reserve booths and tables. In order to participate, employers are required to have at least one current job posting in our online Career Center or to have subscribed to search resumes via our platform. 


Employers are encouraged to post their position openings in the Online Career Center in advance of the Annual Meeting in order to provide candidates ample time to search the database and employers time to review résumés and schedule meetings with potential candidates. The scheduling of formal or informal interviews at the Annual Meeting is the sole responsibility of the employer. Once your online posting is live, you will receive resumes from interested candidates that you can reach out to for scheduled discussions onsite.

Each participating company will receive two complimentary badges for attending personnel. A maximum of two additional badges can be purchased at an additional cost of $200 per badge. The limit for each space is no more than four personnel at any one time given the size of the Career Center.  Please note, if attending personnel are registered to attend the Annual Meeting, companies will have no additional fee to staff their Career Center space; however, Career Center badge holders who are not registered for the Annual Meeting will not have access to the rest of the conference, only the Career Center space. 

For Job Seekers:
Candidates seeking new career opportunities are encouraged to visit with participating employers in the on-site Career Center. Some employers will have literature display tables and personnel for impromptu discussions. Others will engage in on-site interviewing. Employers, and not HFES, organize the scheduling of any formal interviewing taking place on-site in Atlanta. 

Job seekers should bring copies of CVs/resumes and search the online job board in advance of our Annual Meeting.

HFES members seeking positions are also encouraged to post their résumés and search for jobs in the Online Career Center any time during the year.



  • Jobseekers: FREE

  • Booth: $475 - sold out

    • These spaces are 8’ x 10’ with 8’ pipe and drape separation from neighbors and so they are semi-private but not soundproof spaces. Company name on sign, a table, and two chairs are provided. One free 81/2 x 11 sheet with as many job listings, to be posted on the onsite job board.

  • Table: $275

    • These are great spaces to display your company literature and to have informal discussions with job seekers. One free 81/2 x 11 sheet with as many job listings, to be posted on the onsite job board.

  • On-Site Bulletin Board Job Posting Only: $100

    • Bring or send us your job posting and we will post it for you on the job boards inside of the Career Center. Multiple opportunities may be included on the same sheet but each $100 posting is limited to one single, single-sided 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper.  

  • Resume Collection Only: $75

    • Hire HFES to collect paper resumes from candidates interested in employment with your organization. Student volunteers will collect resumes dropped off by interested meeting attendees during all four days of the activity. We will ship collected resumes to your designated contact immediately following the 66th International Annual Meeting.



  1. No standing banners or other displays may be erected outside of your purchased space. 

  2. No displays will be permitted to be set up outside of the Career Center room.

  3. No materials may be affixed to walls or other hotel property.

HFES is not liable for any property or materials in the Career Center.